JiGSO is your AI-based solution for HR Analytics and Workforce Planning.

We connect your existing HR data sources, map the skills of your entire workforce, and use machine learning to bring actionable insights at your fingertips. 

With JiGSO you can get rid of the dirty work and focus on the real work: making your business and employees thrive in challenging times.


Workforce Insights 

The JiGSO Dashboard is your single source of truth. No more data silos but workforce insights at your fingertips.

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Predictive Analysis

Data-driven HR with proven algorithms to predict and prevent employee churn, absence, and productivity losses.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Map the skills of your workforce, predict future changes in needed skills and anticipate to meet these needs. 

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My personal mission for JiGSO is that we can provide workforce intelligence that gives such deep insights on what makes people thrive in the workplace so we can help HR departments to create those conditions.

Convinced about the potential of workforce analytics but lacking data science skills? We got you covered!

In this video series, our data scientists give an introduction to some essential data analytics techniques, applied to the world of HR.


Combining the strengths of a HR Consultancy Firm and an AI & Machine Learning agency, the team at JiGSO has profound experience in both people and data.

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