JiGSO is an HR Analytics solution that helps HR and business leaders make better decisions. No longer based on gut feeling but based on data-driven insights.

Research Results

How safe and cohesive are our teams?

To get more insight into the current state of our teams, we conducted a cross-industry survey into psychological safety and team cohesion in Belgian teams. Download your free copy to discover what we’ve learned.

How safe and cohesive are our Belgian teams?

Our solutions

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JiGSO Listen

JiGSO Listen is a team listening platform that empowers your teams with insights and tools to build a culture of cohesion and psychological safety.

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JiGSO Analytics

JiGSO Analytics helps you build a data-driven HR strategy by offering you deep insights on vital HR metrics and predictions on absenteeism and turnover.

My personal mission for JiGSO is to provide insights on what makes people thrive in the workplace so we can help HR with creating those conditions.

Our team

Combining the strengths of an HR consultancy firm and an agency specialized in algorithms and advanced mathematics, we bridge the gap between HR and data.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of HR experts, mathematicians, business analysts, and data scientists. Together, we’ve built our JiGSO HR Analytics Solution to help HR and business leaders make better decisions.

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