Workforce intelligence
for bottom line impact

JiGSO is an AI powered people analytics solution,
offering predictive insights on hiring success,
productivity and employee retention.

Workforce predictions to impact your bottom line

The JiGSO engine collects and connects your HR and business data. Our trained algorithms deliver critical predictive and prescriptive insights to drive strategic decision making and actions with proven ROI. Using your own BI tool or the smart JiGSO interface, you will have instant and permanent access to the most recent insights. Ready to present at your next executive meeting. No more 'hunch and a feel'. But data-driven and structured insights!

Instant People Intelligence

Most companies on an advanced people analytics journey are facing extremely long roadmaps, lack of focus and huge costs. With JiGSO you can take a jump-start and move from dispersed data to real strategic impact in a couple of weeks.

And with an all-inclusive annual subscription you will know exactly how much you will spend. Thanks to our ROI Calculator Module the business case will be crystal clear.

our solutions

With JiGSO you have the predictive and prescriptive insights that drive business performance at your fingertips:


Predict the expected future success of new hires.

Performance & productivity

Increase the ROI of your employees by discovering and managing the true drivers of productivity.

Employee retention

Prevent voluntary leavers among your critical populations by applying predictive and prescriptive insights.

What makes us unique?

Trained and proven algorithms from day 1.

Predictive people and business analytics in one engine. No 'HR for HR' tool.

Models trained by multiple data-sets, inside and outside of your industry. Avoid biased insights by only looking at algorithms trained by your own data.

Instant and always up-to-date insights

Jigso understands and interacts with major HR & ERP and other data platforms

Put predictions and results of decision making to the test: measure your outcomes, calculate your benefit

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