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On this page you will find some free examples of scripts and tools that can be found in the JiGSO Listen library.


Inclusion is much more than just tolerating someone. Inclusion is about the degree to which all team members feel that they are part of the team (belongingness) and that they can be their authentic self (uniqueness).

Use this reflection canvas to observe your current situation and to think about what you can do concretely to be even more inclusive.


In a rapidly changing world, teams have to be constantly learning. Doing something you have not yet fully mastered requires several attempts and often also failure or mistakes.In a failure session, teams share and analyse these mistakes frankly. 

Use this script when you have the feeling that failure is taboo or if team members feel they are quickly penalised if they make a mistake.


Psychological safety is by far today’s most decisive factor in predicting team success. But do your team members feel safe to speak up? Do they feel like they can make mistakes and they are not held against them? Do they feel valued?

Use this card set to start an honest conversation about the current team culture and to discuss small actions you could take to improve it.