JiGSO Analytics - For a data-driven HR strategy

For a data-driven HR strategy

JiGSO Analytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to offer you deep insights on vital HR metrics and predictions on tough issues like absenteeism and turnover.

People or / versus / and data

As an HR or business leader, you’re sitting on a goldmine of data that you’re not using to its fullest potential. Because you lack the knowledge, tools, resources or because you’re afraid to use personal data. 

JiGSO Analytics has got you covered, offering help in a secure and GDPR compliant environment.

JiGSO Analytics - people and data

Workforce Insights

The JiGSO Dashboard is your single source of truth. No more data silos: workforce insights are now at your

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Predictive Analysis

Data-driven HR with proven algorithms to predict and prevent employee churn, absence, and productivity losses.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Map the skills of your workforce, predict future changes in needed skills and anticipate meeting these needs.

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