JiGSO Listen - our innovative employee listening platform

When teams thrive, organisations triumph

JiGSO Listen is an innovative team listening platform that empowers your teams with the insights and tools to build a culture of cohesion and psychological safety.

JiGSO Listen - Teams over Talent

Teams over talent?

While many surveys and listening tools focus on the individual employee, it’s your teams that form the molecular units of the organisation. It’s where the magic happens, but also where the shit happens. And currently, our teams are suffering…

Empowering teams

Going way beyond the pulse, JiGSO Listen guides teams through a three-step team learning loop from

  • asking the right questions
  • to giving the right insights
  • and generating actionable advice.

+ How it works

JiGSO Listen - Empowering Teams


Using solid and scientifically validated questionnaires, we measure your team pulse.


By instantly sharing and analysing the results, teams receive insight into their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.


These insights are translated into concrete recommendations for both team managers and members.

Featured news

JiGSO Listen rewarded ‘Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2021’

After a pitch at the HR Tech & Innov Day by HRM Info, our team listening platform JiGSO Listen received the award of ‘Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2021’.

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JiGSO Listen Coolest HR Tech Solution of 2021 by HRMinfo
JiGSO Listen - Value for all stakeholders

Value for all

While team managers & members have access to their own secure dashboard, super-users such as HR and business leaders can consult the birds-eye view for a more granular view.

This way, JiGSO Listen creates value for different stakeholders within your organisation.

Team managers & members

✔️ insights into psychological safety,
team cohesion, and culture

✔️ compare data against organisational level

✔️ advice on what to do first and how

HR & business leaders

✔️ full dashboard with insights, trends, and heatmaps

✔️ insights into when, where, and how to intervene

✔️ foundation for a data-driven HR & learning strategy 

Simple and beautiful

With those two words in mind, we created a user-friendly interface that allows easy visualisation and interpretation of scores on individual, team and organisational level.


✔️ flexible SaaS set-up without IT required

✔️ real-time reporting with slicing and dicing

✔️ tailored and actionable advice

✔️ backed by science and advanced analytics

✔️ secure environment with access control

✔️ built-in action module and learning library 

Ready to empower your teams?