How JiGSO Listen helps teams thrive

Going way beyond the pulse, JiGSO Listen guides teams through a three-step team learning loop from asking the right questions to giving the right insights and generating actionable advice. Here is how JiGSO Listen can help your teams thrive.


JiGSO Listen consists of a set of scientifically validated questionnaires on predictors of team performance and engagement, such as psychological safety, team cohesion, and culture. In addition, we can easily integrate extra surveys tailored to your needs.

Psychological Safety

As one of the most important indicators of team and business performance, psychological safety is not just a fluffy HR concept. It impacts the way organisations make decisions, innovate and learn.

How easy or difficult is it to give and receive feedback in your team? Is it safe to take a risk in your team? Or will mistakes be held against you?

Team Cohesion

JiGSO Listen Ask, Analyse, Act flow

The most successful teams are also the most cohesive teams. Team members that feel united in working towards a common goal experience higher levels of work satisfaction which leads to higher productivity rates.

Do people feel understood by each other in your team? Does everyone feel like they belong? Are we proud to be part of the team?

Team Culture

More than ever, culture is a real competitive advantage. It can be a blocker or an enabler for your strategy execution. An assessment of the gap between your current and the desired culture should be on every leader’s dashboard.

Are you much like a large family where people share a lot with each other? Or rather like a machine where formal procedures determine what people do?


The results of the survey are instantly analysed and visualised in our intuitive and modular dashboard.

Each team has access to its own dashboard so results can be openly shared and discussed within the team.

Super-users like HR and senior business leaders can consult the birds eye dashboard with trend indicators, heat maps, and advanced slicing and dicing.

JiGSO Listen Learning Library


Based on the insights retrieved from the survey, users receive concrete and personalised recommendations in their team dashboard. As a team, they can accept these recommendations and automatically add them to their action plan.

Each recommendation is linked to a set of learning materials in various formats such as manuals, videos, and templates. These learning contents are collected in an insights library where they can be consulted and downloaded.


The continuous capturing of data throughout the ASK – ANALYSE – ACT flow leads to a feedback loop. This loop ensures that results and actions from a previous wave are taken into account for the next wave. In this way, both your team and the platform enter a cycle of continuous learning.

Making your team smarter pulse after pulse, JiGSO Listen helps your teams thrive and your organisation triumph. 

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