JiGSO Listen wins 'Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2021'

By Jolien Noppen

After a 7-minute elevator pitch at the HR Innov & Tech Day by HRM Info, JiGSO Listen was awarded Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2021. A great win for the entire JiGSO team as this award is not only a recognition of our work, but also a confirmation that we are building something very valuable around relevant topics such as psychological safety, culture, and team cohesion.

About our JiGSO Listen pitch

The core belief behind JiGSO Listen is that teams are the molecular units of organisations. It’s where new ideas arise and grow but also where differences between individuals can lead to friction and conflict. In short: teams are where the magic happens, but also where the shit happens.

JiGSO Listen pitch - Teams is where the magic happens and where the shit happens

Unfortunately, we have noticed that for the last couple of months, the shit has outweighed the magic. This has to do with two challenges we’re facing:

  1. A practical challenge: how will we work together as a team?

  2. A relational challenge: how will we ensure team cohesion, psychological safety, and culture within our team?

The first challenge is pretty straightforward and can be tackled by installing the right technologies such as Teams of Zoom and by organising your teams in this new, hybrid way of working. 

The second one is less straightforward yet equally, if not more, important. Psychological safety, team cohesion, and culture are not just fluffy HR words but key indicators of team performance. The question is: how do you turn these theoretical concepts into actionable insights for teams? Our answer: JiGSO Listen.

Want to find out more? Check out the full pitch presentation.

About the HR Tech & Innov Day 

The central theme of the HR Innov & Tech by HRM Info this year was innovation. With an impressive line-up of speakers from Decathlon, ING, and NMBS, the event consisted out of demo presentations, workshops, and panel discussions on topics such as leadership in a digital age, virtual learning, and employee satisfaction.

About the award ‘Coolest HR Tech Solution of the Year 2021’

At the start of the event, 8 HR Tech start-ups got 7 minutes to convince a jury of experts and the audience of their brand or product. The jury consisted of professionals such as David Ducheyne (HRPro), Paul Verschueren (Federgon), Béatrice de Mahieu (Co.Station), Hans Mangelschots (HR Tech Valley), Ingrid Hoffman (ADM), Jeroen Tondeleir (Audi Brussels), Benoît Houtevels (Engie ), Joelle Van Liefferinge (Collibra), Omar Mohout (Belgian academic specialist in startups & scale-ups) & Anita Lettink (HR Tech Radar).

The votes of the jury, which counted for 60%, were given prior to the event. The votes from the audience were collected via an online voting system after every pitch.

Receiving this award from HR thought leaders and a large sample of the Belgian HR community is a confirmation of our hard work and motivates us to continue in our journey to empower teams! 

Because when teams thrive, organisations triumph. 

About the author

As Marketing Lead at JiGSO, Jolien translates the geeky developer language into catchy content. As a non-techy in a tech world, she’s the perfect person to turn our story of solid science into simple sentences.

JiGSO - About Us - Jolien Noppen - MARKETING LEAD

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