How it works

Find out how JiGSO Listen can add value to your teams.


Ensuring high-performing and engaged teams is not a one-off event. It requires ongoing monitoring, insights and practical action plans. 

Jigso Listen goes beyond collecting feedback and data from your team members. 

With the “ASK – ANALYSIS – ACT” method, you install a learning loop that ensures continuous growth and improvement of your teams. 


During an intake meeting, we discuss the needs and requirements of your team(s).

Based on your input, we set up your personalised JiGSO platform, with your own logo and colour palette.


You need to understand what is going on in your teams. Not once, but on a regular basis. 

JiGSO Listen gives you a library of validated questionnaires to get an objective view on the real drivers of team performance and team climate. 

The advantages:


You’ve got questions, your dashboard has the answers! To get a clear overview of what is going on in your teams, you get a dedicated dashboard for every team with instant insights and clear metrics, always up-to-date and fully transparent. So teams can have an honest dialogue and take full ownership of the results. 
Want to get an overview of the whole organisation? Use the sunburst view, in which you can zoom in on team level and detect the teams that need more support and follow-up.

The advantages:


Data on its own is interesting, but what’s next?

Thanks to its experience in HR consultancy, JiGSO Listen has a library of scripts at your disposal, which every team can immediately use to tackle their work issues. Tailored to the needs of your teams. This way, teams can bridge the gap between knowing and doing, and take measurable steps towards better performance and more confidence.

The advantages:


In the Action Module, teams can log and follow up on agreed actions. Prioritize actions, appoint owners, define deadlines, add relevant documents, etc.

By documenting these elements in a digital environment, accessible for all team members, teams avoid the risk of remaining stuck in just good intentions and nice plans. In addition, they feed the algorithm so that future recommendations are even more tailored to their specific needs. 

With advanced functionalities for slicing and dicing, HR and business leaders can get a view on how the organization is doing. They can compare teams, departments, or demographic populations to better understand trends and differences. And with the heatmap, they can optimize their efforts by quickly identifying teams that need additional support. 

Launching a company-wide survey? Or just an ad hoc questionnaire for one team? With the admin module you are in full control. The intuitive menu allows you to manage users, teams, surveys, etc.

Thanks to the smart connectors you can integrate with your HCM or HRIS system to stay in sync with your current workforce composition and organization structure. 

Gathering data is one thing, turning them into actionable insights is another. With built-in analytics and our smart algorithms, your workforce intelligence is at your fingertips. No need for data gathering, cleaning, or crunching. We’ll do that dirty work for you, so you can focus on the real work: bringing your teams to the next level.

When it comes to privacy and data security we adhere to the highest possible standards. Our technical infrastructure and the way we process data guarantee 100% compliance with GDPR. 

Ready to lift your teams to a higher level?