Workforce planning in times of disruption 

During the HRCoreACADEMY Summit, Hans talked about Strategic Workforce Planning and the two challenges organisations are facing today.

What HR can learn from other disciplines

HR is experiencing a tech boom, but we can still learn a lot from disciplines such as politics, marketing and fusion. Data scientist Thomas explains how.


Employee churn impacts your bottom line, team morale and company image. We will never live in a world with a 100% efficient and productive workforce and people will always leave a company at some point, but we can aspire to get closer to 100% by constantly looking at ways of reducing turnover and absenteeism.

In this video series, Data Scientist Thomas Stainer explains how Survival Analysis can help you understanding churn and offer crucial insights into the why.

Part 1: Introduction 

Introducing the concept of Survival Analysis and how it can help you understand churn.

Part 2: Censoring

Censoring is an important feature in Survival Analysis that helps you take into account missing data.


Although the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning have been around for quite a while, most people are only now beginning to become acquainted with the technology. Therefore, blindly trusting the prediction that came out of a black box model might still sound quite daunting to most.

In this video series, Data Scientist Wout Goossens opens up the black box by introducing the concept of Model Explainability.

Part 1: Introduction 

What is Model Explainability and how can it give you more insight into Machine Learning predictions?