JiGSO Listen - Dutch pitch

Two facts, one frustration, and one fix. That’s how marketing lead Jolien draws you into the story of JiGSO Listen, a smart digital solution that reveals how your teams are really functioning. Watch the JiGSO Listen – Dutch pitch or read the English recap below the video.

English transcript of JiGSO Listen – Dutch pitch

Two facts, one frustration, and one fix

  • FACT: teams are important, they are the backbone of any productive organisation
  • FACT: team success is influenced by underlying team dynamics such as giving feedback and openly discussing mistakes
  • FRUSTRATION: how do you gauge these metrics? Especially in the hybrid way of working, it’s difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of your teams
  • FIX: JiGSO Listen, a smart, digital solution that reveals how your teams are really functioning

Now how does JiGSO Listen work?

Team dashboard

In the web-based JiGSO Listen platform, every team within the organisation has its own secure environment where they can monitor the state of the team. With scientifically validated questionnaires they can pinpoint where the issues are. At the same time, they can turn these insights into actions thanks to the automatically-generated recommendations, which are linked to a library of learning nuggets.

Birds-eye view

Besides the team dashboard for the teams and the team leaders, HR and business leaders have access to a birds-eye view with aggregated results. Allowing them to get an overview of the entire organisation and to gain insight into when, where, and how to intervene.  

What makes JiGSO Listen unique

You might ask yourself: surveying your employees, nothing new under the sun, right?

Correct, but JiGSO Listen goes further than just asking questions.

  • insights are automatically turned into concrete actions that can be followed up on in the next team meeting
  • the transparency in and ownership of the data leads to stronger teams 
  • which helps the shift into a more horizontal organisation and shared leadership
  • and, at the same time, answers the need for more bite-sized digital learning

Meanwhile, HR and business leaders receive the insights and tools to turn decisions based on gut feeling into a data-driven HR strategy.

We believe that when teams thrive, organisations triumph. And we love to help you with that. If you have any questions or if you’re interested in booking a demo, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us.

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