At JiGSO, we aim to provide your HR department with relevant and actionable insights, based on your data. These insights are collected & visualized in our JiGSO Dashboard.

On the homepage you get an instant overview of the most relevant KPI’s. For example headcount, turnover and productivity. 

Alongside these KPIs are a series of graphs, which allows you to track the evolution of things such as your employee inflow and outflow, and some key operational and financial metrics such as the productivity rate and turnover and absenteeism costs. 

A series of built in filters makes it possible to visualize this information for a specific part of your organization.

Note that these graphs can be stored to your local device with the click of a button, allowing you to easily use them in your personal documents or during presentations. 

Moving on to the capacity tab, which provides you with a much more detailed overview of your companies’ headcount, turnover rate, and absenteeism rate. This allows you to rapidly indicate and visualize a wide range of HR-related issues.

Alongside descriptive charts, we have developed a series of mathematical models which allow us to gain predictive insights into the future turnover and absenteeism behaviour of your workforce.

By clicking on an individual employee, you are redirected to their personal page. This page provides an overview of their personal data, along with a series of factors that contribute to their turnover and absenteeism behavior.

Finally, the financial tab provides you with information regarding the financial continuity of your businesses. This is done by visualizing key financial metrics like revenue, EBITDA and cost of work, both on an organizational level and an employee level.

Providing you with intelligent workforce insights, is one of our top priorities. To this end, we have created a Facebook like message feed in which important insights are provided in a fully-automatic way. These insights include detections in sudden productivity drops and monthly updates regarding new turnover and absenteeism risk profiles.

You and other users are able to reply to these messages, or forward them to any co-worker who is also registered on the JiGSO Dashboard.

This concludes our tour through the JiGSO Dashboard. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions, or if you would like to share ideas.