Workforce Planning in times of disruption

During the HRCoreACADEMY Summit, CEO Hans Donckers zoomed in on a very specific challenge many HR and business leaders are facing: how to manage the workforce.

Today we see that a lot of effort and resources are invested in short term initiatives with a low ROI. But if you want a sustainable business with a sustainable workforce, you also have to think about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. 

Workforce planning, where you balance the demand from business side with the supply in your workforce, is critical. Not as a one-off exercise but as a continuous process. In many cases this isn’t always that straightforward due to two concrete challenges.

  1. Do we really know our supply? Are we aware of the skills and competencies that we currently have in our workforce? 
  2. How can we plan our workforce in the long term with so many uncertainties? With business demands and workforce supply changing overnight, how can we prepare ourselves for the future?

By mapping your skills and making assumptions about what’s going to happen, you can create a sustainable workforce and avoid a ‘get rid and re-recruit’ culture. 


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